Hoosiers Deserve a Governor Who…

Is Concerned for Families…

Hoosiers deserve a governor who is concerned for their families and their way of life. Indiana embraces morals and values that strengthen the family and our communities. In this state, we strive to instill in our children the knowledge, skills, and courage to realize their full potential as they are, made in the image of God.

Will Take a Stand for our Communities

Our communities are changing, and Hoosiers cannot afford to sit by and allow the power grab that is crippling our nation to compromise our freedoms and influence our state. We must stand.

Supports Good Living, Quality Education…

We must stand for good living, quality education, and the flourishing of all Hoosiers! This includes law enforcement officers, fire-fighters, farmers, small business owners, and children and families throughout our state. We must respect every individual’s health freedom while encouraging the cutting-edge discoveries that enhance our health and that freedom. We must commit to being good neighbors, to cultivating and strengthening our communities, to providing for our families, and to offering our renowned Hoosier hospitality to those in need.

““Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for He is good!
For His mercy endures forever.
– Psalm 118:1

Gives Power to the People…

The state of Indiana and its constitution are alive and well, and “we the people” must do our part to make sure they stay that way!

We the People Must Lead in…

Indiana Goodness!

The Indiana Goodness Vision:

Empowering the people of Indiana to take back their government by electing leaders, who fight for freedom, family, truth, transparency, and engagement.

My Name is

Paige Miller

I am Running For Governor in the

State of Indiana 2024

““Let us rise up and build.” Then they set their hands to this good work.” – Nehemiah 2:18

Paige Miller moved to Indiana in 1970. Mrs. Miller grew up in Carmel and graduated from Carmel High School. She received a BS in Elementary Education from Baker University, 
and later earned a Master’s in School Administration from Indiana University. 

Paige Miller has always had a passion for teaching. In 1987, she was hired to teach first 
grade, fulfilling her dream to be a teacher at a young age. During her 33-year tenure, Mrs. Miller taught every grade in elementary. She also taught Title One reading for third grade, and blended grade level classes, as well as gifted students. After 33 years, Mrs. Miller retired in 2020. 

Paige Miller has witnessed the progressive negative influence of DEl initiatives in the 
classroom. She agrees with many teachers, the DEl initiatives put a strain on teachers. Teachers were given new responsibilities, which meant less time to meet the academic goals for their students. Mrs. Miller believes the State’s current status in education is very poor. Many students are failing to come close to reaching their grade level requirements. Only 34% of third through eighth graders can pass “I STEP”, (a basic Math and Reading test). Mrs. Miller is passionate about the academic health of Indiana students, and the need to hold Schools and libraries accountable for material that is defiling to children. Mrs. Miller started the Moms for Liberty (“MFL”) chapter in Hamilton County. The MFL motto is to “…unify, empower, and educate parents to defend their parental rights at every level of government”. Mrs. Miller believes that Parental Rights are God given rights. Parents’ rights are not given to parents by the government, and the government cannot take them away. 

Mrs. Miller retired from a successful and fulfilling career in education, to become an 
advocate for parents and students in the State of Indiana. 
There is more to be done. “We are IN!” 




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