Jamie Reitenour for Indiana

Jamie Reitenour for Indiana

Our Mission is to…


Governing in righteousness means serving the people of Indiana, strengthening our roots of faith and hospitality, and solving problems through the pursuit of truth in love.


We seek to glorify God, love our neighbor, and stand for freedom in our state government, returning power to the people, for the good of the people.


When the righteous flourish, the people rejoice! Come together with our team to see how Indiana will flourish with a government focused on Hoosier values.

As a believer in Jesus Christ, a proud wife and mother of five, a daughter of military parents, and an advocate for life; I will use my life, business, education, and ministry experience to serve the people of Indiana. Hoosiers deserve someone looking out for them who is dedicated to bringing Indiana together to rebuild our morals and values, revive our communities, and rejoice in one another’s success. With God’s help we can be the city on a Hill this nation needs. Hoosiers can lead the way! Rebuild! Revive! Rejoice!

– Jamie Reitenour

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