To the Residents of the Great State of Indiana,

The “sore loser law” in Indiana does not allow a primary candidate, who didn’t win the primary, to run for the same office in the general election. However, it is common for candidates that ran for governor to be on the list of possibilities for Lt. Governor. 


Jamie Reitenour is proud to be Paige Miller’s choice for Lt. Governor on an Independent ticket for Governor in the 2024 general election. As Jamie learned during the Republican gubernatorial primary race, the values and principles conservative Hoosiers hold dear are not the same values found among all candidates claiming the traditional party affiliation. As a lifelong Republican and candidate on the ground with Hoosiers, Jamie was appalled by the party’s political games, the lack of true consideration for the people, the obvious interest in expanding government and social programs, the disregard for small business owners, and the absolute silence in response to the attack on the family from all sides. 


It is time to see Indiana through realistic lenses and stop wearing rose-colored glasses. The issues plaguing our communities today are from the bullying and political elite leaders of yesterday. What can stop them from taking over our Country? Everyday people who stand firm for their values! Under the political elite, we are a state where: 


  • The family is attacked through the woke ideology imbedded in public education, broken foster and family care systems, and positions that politically compromise on the sanctity of life.

  • The Republican-held government is buying land at high prices, making it impossible for farmers to compete to retain their generational farmlands. For what?? For economic development with visions of turning our beautiful agricultural landscape into the next Silicon Valley, with its progressive values attached.

  • Elected Republican delegates who will determine Mike Braun’s Lt. Governor running mate have been threatened (not encouraged, but threatened), with political career repercussions if they do not vote according to the elite preference.


As candidates for the people, Paige Miller for Governor and Jamie Reitenour for Lt. Governor have decided to stand for your values. They have the leading of the Lord, the support of their husbands, and are cheered on by their children. Many are joining their team, and you are invited to stand with the thousands of other families all over the State. Miller/Reitenour for Indiana do not make this decision lightly, but with great conviction and great personal sacrifice. Those who pick apart an independent run for governor choose to stay comfortable from the sidelines while groaning about the demise of the State. Those who honor this team with their support choose to get IN the game while holding the line for truth over power. 


As Christians, we put Christ first, then our family, and our community. Political party must not come before these.  We proclaim the principles that have planted firm foundations in our Country. The Bible says we are to be the salt of the earth. We must stop playing politics for personal and party notoriety. We must stop being huddled up in our comfortable groups. We must start realizing that exclusive rules created by political systems are a distraction from the dangerous reality that our government WAS NOT Constitutionally intended to be run by the elite. It was intended to be of the people, by the people, and for the people. Enough is enough. It is time for truth, transparency, and engagement.   


Now is the hour to get INvolved! Join us now up to June 15, 2024, as we gather 40,000 required signatures and show the political elite in the State of Indiana the strength of Hoosier values. It is the “easy million dollar campaign!” 40,000 / $25 contribution per signature = 1 million! We are IN! 

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