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Visit With Kirk Cameron

by | Dec 30, 2022 | News

We were happy to join many hundreds, (and they are even reporting a few thousand people,) at the Indianapolis Central Library today to support Kirk Cameron’s new books that speak about qualities like love, joy, gentleness, truth, humility, bravery and courage…. And more! Kirk writes on topics that encourage strong families and we were happy to join in support of books filling our communities with words that encourage.

Sadly, the Indianapolis Central Library told us Kirk turned down using the bigger room— when it was actually never offered. Many, many, families peaceably left, and even more stayed for a quick hello from Kirk as he was greeted with cheers of support.

Families must come together in the State of Indiana to stand for what is good!

Rebuild! Revive! Rejoice!

Be a Giver!

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