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Indiana, the Preborn, and Senate Bill 1

by | Aug 5, 2022 | News

The greatest privilege in my life, is to be a daughter of Christ, a wife and mother. Contrary to what the news is reporting, there are countless women in Indiana that will not trade the garment of privilege and honor to birth children, for the title of victim. We are loved by the Giver of life, we love the Giver of life, and we love life.

The enemy of the souls of man is very crafty. The enemy comes in and exploits tragedies and presents questions like the question I heard asked on July 25, 2022, by a senator to an Indiana Resident who was for the preborn, “Do you believe a 10-year-old has the hip structure to birth a child?” The US DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES printed a report on February 7, 2022, on birthing statistics for the year 2020. That report includes birth statistics for 10 – 14-year-olds which not only means a younger girl can, but younger girls are having babies in this country. And yet, how many times have they been brought up before? This is a tragedy, but it not one that is solved by taking life. We must provide a place for these very young women to go and loving options for their child, and there are many places, and many options thankfully due to the hard work of many in the prolife community. Some women just need us to give them the tools needed to raise their baby. This is the reason I started the foundation Garden for Life, Inc. I was inspired by the Lord to turn “graves into gardens”. The vision is to go into the closed planned parenthoods and make growth centers for women. Our program will offer them one year room and board with an education in medical billing or real estate, and we are working hard to get job placement that gives them the opportunity to work from home upon completion of the program. We are also working on a temp agency relationship, offering another road for women where they can receive help with their resume and look for other jobs in the community.

Senate Bill 1 is in the midst of intense debate. Some Lawmakers in Indiana are aiming for praise from their party, some from their constituents or their family and friends. God is the creator of life, and He gives and takes away. My prayer is that Indiana Lawmakers would let their light shine so before men. I pray Indiana Lawmakers will have the courage to a bill that will be seen as a good work, and that work would glorify our Father in Heaven. If everyone looks to give the Lord praise in this decision regarding the preborn, there will be peace that passes understanding, joy unspeakable, and eternal reward.

Be a Giver!

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