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Rebuild! Revive! Rejoice!

by | Oct 25, 2022 | News

“Remember the Lord Great and Awesome…” Nehemiah 4:13

October has marked a month of many activities. I have met with many people that believe now is the time to stand for truth in our State and in our Nation.

As I travel I am blessed to hear the stories of many Indiana residents. I met a man who had recently had his arm removed due to cancer, but you wouldn’t know it — joy filled his face. When I told him how blessed I was by His joy, he said “I guess it’s because I’m on borrowed time.” What an answer for the joy within,…thankfulness for the day you have been given. I am better having met him. 

We are now putting together our “builders”, who are young leaders age 18-25 ready to stand in truth and love for their generation. I was blessed to speak to a group of students from Purdue and some have joined our endeavors. 

But I must also mention the little boy that I met for a second time at the Wayne County Republican Unite. This young boy came up to me with his donation in hand. His parents told him he could give money to a candidate he wanted to support, so this young boy gave me his donation. He wore his heart on his sleeve — He’s believing God for big things with this campaign… and I am better having met he and his family.

Indiana must choose. We will either continue to do “business as usual”, or, we will stand for truth and be a light in this nation which has been filled with darkness. I believe Indiana is called to stand, to “Remember the Lord Great and Awesome…” and Rebuild!Revive!Rejoice! in our State.

I am thankful to have you with us! Join us on December 3, 2022 as we meet at the Statehouse from 9-2 for a commercial. Bring a white poster board with one word you believe defines you and/or your family and what you want to stand for in Indiana. 

We are also bringing turkeys and bags of blessings to families in need on November 18, check our website for more info!

Spread the Word!

May the Lord Bless Indiana!

In His Grace,

Jamie Reitenour 

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