Jamie Reitenour for Indiana

Jamie Reitenour for Indiana

In Indiana, we know how to see our state thrive:

Strong Families. Strong Communities.

People Serving People.

Our Platform

Strong Families

Family is defined as the basic unit in society traditionally consisting of parents rearing their children, a group of people living in a household or a group of people united by certain convictions or a common affiliation. Children, whether being nurtured and protected by two parents, one parent, guardian or grandparents, are a fundamental privilege and foundation of families in Indiana.  We will stand for and protect families from ideologies that seek to redefine the roles and identities of parents, guardians and children.  

Strong Communities

The local community, churches, sports leagues, school functions, festivals, and patriotism, are what bring people together. Indiana is full of cities and small towns that know how to do this which is why our state is still strong. We must protect this. Get involved in your local community, church, school, and government, be a Hoosier that makes a difference!


“Freedom is fragile, and it is never more than one generation away from extinction. It is not ours by way of inheritance; it must be fought for and defended constantly by each generation, for it comes only once to a people” – Ronald Reagan

The people of Indiana know that extremist pulls toward socialism and Marxism are attacking the very foundations of our country. We will work tirelessly in Indiana to protect individual freedom, create and foster an environment where there is opportunity to thrive, and uphold righteousness for the sake of the people and the glory of God.

Fiscal Responsibility

Indiana can be a leader in low taxes and wise spending. Our government should operate on a tight, balanced budget just like Hoosier families. Indiana has long maintained a balanced budget, but taxes and spending are higher than they need to be. WalletHub ranks Indiana 35th among all states in total forms of taxes on the average household! We commit to cutting state spending so that we can return more money to the families who make Indiana great.

Economic Growth

In Indiana we are known for farming, pharmaceuticals, RVs, medical devices, and family-owned businesses. We want to maintain our status as a business-friendly state, not hindering growth with taxes and regulations. We can do this by promoting internship programs in our high schools and colleges/universities giving the next generation an early start at impacting the economy for good.


We must strive to be a state where women in need have support to raise their families well. We can do this in our communities by organizing our efforts and being aware of the needs of those around us. This is not a government responsibility; this is our responsibility as those who uphold life. Indiana values the sanctity of life. Roe v. Wade has been overturned. I will advocate to cease all abortions in the state. I want to encourage women that they bear the image of God, and that He masterfully created them to bring forth life. I stand ready to help women in all walks of life, equipping them to raise their children in a safe and nurturing environment. The people of Indiana have a unique opportunity to help in this noble endeavor, to love their fellow citizens, and to uphold life.

Health Freedom

Health freedom for all Hoosiers means giving them greater control over their lives by empowering them to overcome the health challenges they face without undue influence or limitation. Too often, Hoosiers have had their options limited by interference from government and industry. Together, let’s restore health freedom in Indiana by protecting the provider-patient relationship, increasing the capacity and resilience of our health care system, restoring consumer confidence in health care providers and organizations, and fostering an environment that allows Hoosiers to receive care according to their own values and practices.

Parent Rights

With Indiana’s school choice program, parents are empowered to make the best educational decisions for their children. Parents whose children were delayed by remote learning, quarantining, contact tracing, or mask mandates need better awareness of the options available to their families. Additionally, parents who choose public education for their children should have every right to review curriculum and transparent access to the topics, lessons, and assignments.

Athletic Fairness

Only biological men should play in men’s sports, and only biological women should play in women’s sports. Allowing anything other than this is to demean women and intrude on their ability to celebrate excellence in their athletic careers. Indiana seeks to uphold both men and women in their biological roles in athletics and would further love to see Indiana leading in excellence in this way.


Our education system needs to focus on rigorous academic standards that prepare Indiana kids to be the best and brightest in their professions and secondary educational endeavors. Teachers’ opinions on political and social topics, critical race theory, and sexual orientation and gender identity issues have no place in the classroom. I want our schools to have a renewed focus on America’s rich history of freedom, equal rights, and opportunity for all so that our kids know and believe that they are in the greatest country in the world. We look forward to speaking with teachers and sharing ideas to make an immediate impact for good in the lives of Indiana’s children.

Second Amendment

“The people shall have a right to bear arms, for the defense of themselves and the State”

(Article 1 Section 32).

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