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Letter From Jamie

by | Nov 30, 2022 | News

We are hoping you enjoyed your thanksgiving, and we are certainly thankful for all of you! Thanksgiving has been a time of thankfulness, as well as a time to give. We are thankful for the donors that made it possible to give free turkeys to people in downtown Indianapolis. Many stepped up and bought groceries to combine with turkeys as we set out to bless others. With just a few a signs posted outside The Beautiful Temple on New York Street, people began trickling in. Each person would come in and sign up. Many would get prayer, and then be helped out by church members to their vehicles with a turkey and grocery bag in hand. There is no greater joy than loving other people, this is what the church was created to do. Thank you for all of your support.

Team members also volunteered at Bethany Tabernacle in New Castle, bringing cooked turkeys, and volunteering to help serve the people. Jamie and her daughter Regan were able to spend time getting to know the people that serve there, what a blessing to join with so many that seek to serve others with the love of Christ!

We are setting our eyes on Christmas Ham Dinners, and we would love to have many contact the campaign so we can coordinate our efforts.

We will also gather on Dec 3 for a commercial that communicates the heart of this Campaign. We are serving those in need while also forming teams that will rebuild areas in the State of Indiana that are in need: education, agriculture, small business, small towns, technology, trade, and more… we must shrink government and thrive as the State we are, all while upholding freedom! Join us! We will Rebuild! Revive! Rejoice in Indiana!

Be a Giver!

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